Data as Seductive Material

Interesting talk from Matt Jones given in Umea, Sweden. Slides with notes on Slideshare.

Republic Bike | Track bikes, fixies built by us and you

Mass customization comes to the bike world. Pick your parts in a ton of different colors and they’ll ship you a bike mostly assembled.

Oh, Hello: Microsoft 2019 concept video

High quality version of Microsoft’s 2019 concept video, from the Seattle motion graphics house that put it together. Lots and lots of fancy interface stuff happening here.

Interview with Gary Hustwit, Director of Objectified

Dwell has an interview Gary Hustwit, with lots of details about the upcoming product design documentary.

Sensors Help Keep the Elderly at Home

“Increasingly, many older people who live alone are not truly alone. They are being watched by a flurry of new technologies designed to enable them to live independently and avoid expensive trips to the emergency room or nursing homes.”

Design for Darzi - Design Council UK

Ben Reason from service design company live|work, applies the core aspects of what he calls service thinking to healthcare.

The Book Cover Archive

Great site collecting well designed book covers. The site looks great too!

Spoonflower: Print custom fabric on-demand

Looks like a very cool service.

The Sky in Motion

Wonderful time lapse videos of the sky. This site, a recent visit to the newly revamped Morrison Planetarium at the California Academy of Sciences and a moonlight snowshoe walk in Yosemite have perked up my interest in astronomy.

Garamond Powerline

Photo collage as type. Love experiments like this.

The London Underground Map

Short documentary on the design of London’s tube map. Part of the BBC’s Design Classics series.

Frontline: A Class Divided

Classic Frontline video about a 3rd grade teacher’s in-class experiment in discrimination. Particularly poignant given the ugly race and religion based hatred that has been boiling up in our political process as of late. There were moments in the video where all I could do was hold my head in my hands. It was shocking seeing such ugly things emerge in young children over the course of only a few minutes. I’d like to think it was in part because of the prevailing culture of the time, but I fear things aren’t so different now.

ILoveSketch - Paper-like 3D model sketching

Very cool video demonstrating a pen/tablet driven 3D model sketching program that incorporates some of the affordances of analog pen and paper drawing. Drawing, adding guides and changing views look really fluid to use. Love the sketchbook metaphor.

Streetsblog: Parisian Bus Rapid Transit

Nicely done short film profiling Paris’ bus rapid transit system Le Mobilien. They claim the BRT lane is also intended to be used by cyclists, but it seems inevitable that as a cyclist you would have a bus bearing down on you in short order.

Routefinder: World’s Earliest SatNav

Wonderfully odd wristwatch with tiny scrolling maps created in England in the 1920’s. Along with minimal route information (cross streets, landmarks) the scrolls also included mileage information.

Thoughts on Interaction Design

Jon Kolko put his book on Interaction Design online.

Signs of Interaction

“Visual signs, representing of interaction affordances.” Flickr set by Timo.

Data Visualization: Trimet Weekday - 4am till Midnight

Very cool video visualization of Portland’s public transit system activity. Kind of looks like a blob of leeches are loose in the city!

Helvetica bold should lighten up

Tee hee, punny type shirt. I’d be all over this if it weren’t $50.

All Streets - Ben Fry

A conceptually related follow up to Fry’s US zipcode map: “26 million individual road segments. No other features (such as outlines or geographic features) have been added to this image, however they emerge as roads avoid mountains, and sparse areas…”

Stanford’s Human-Computer Interaction Seminar on iTunes U

Wow, awesome. “36 lectures by people such as Bill Moggridge, Bill Buxton, Elizabeth Churchill, Paul Dourish and Donald Norman.”

Dramatic Features in Interaction Design

Talk by Chris Conley at the Interaction 08 conference exploring how elements of drama can be incorporated into interaction design. Case studies include the iPhone’s wiggling icons and Pixar’s story development process.

Wooster Collective: Joshua Allen Harris’ Inflatable Sculptures

Seeing the city in a new and creative way. Subway air vents as a street art opportunity. Something poetic about how the creatures come to life with the rhythm of the subway.

Moonwalk Map

Very cool map detailing Armstrong and Aldrin’s landing on the moon! I like how it combines traces of the lunar geography with their paths and activities. The soccer field underlay communicates well the scale of the area. Nicely visualized.

Bringing Medical Devices Home

As medical devices increasingly become a part of outpatient care, designers will need to consider how best to create devices that will be used in the home and operated by patients themselves.